• Computing cluster

    Since 2008 a small cluster is available in the group, originally configured by Betagraphics NV (Hengelo, The Netherlands). The system is regularly updated according to evolving needs and is equipped  with dedicated gpu nodes used for various computationally intensive jobs.

  • Computing and software

    Our infrastructure provides tools for advanced microscope control, image acquisition, image processing and visualization. We house a small computing cluster, routinely use programming environments like Matlab and C++  and have a network wide installation off frequently used packages in the electron microscopy community e.g. Imod, Xmipp and Eman. We have dedicated systems for automated acquisition (Xplore3D, UCSF Tomo, Gatan), processing (Inspect 3D, IMOD, EMAN, XMipp, Relion) and visualization of data (Amira). GPU-based template matching is available by the ARGOS system. We developed dedicated software tools for microscopy automation and correlative microscopy. In particular for stitching/mosaicking, correlative data acquisition and visualisation. For visualisation we have several large display systems available.

  • Stitching software

    We have in house written stitching software that is intensively used and gained a Guinnes World Record for producing the largest image in the world.

  • Collaborative and educational displays

    We have access to large displays facilitating visualisation of large datasets empowering discussion and sharing of this large scale data and results.

Collaborate with us

Please contact us if you are interested in a scientific collaboration, electron microscopy services, or would like to be trained. 

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