We had the honor to receive Her Majesty Queen Máxima on Wednesday May 20. The Queen's informal working visit covered the research carried out in-house on vaccines and antiviral drugs against the coronavirus. The visit included a demonstration at the EM section.

During her visit, Queen Maxima spoke to members of the group of Prof. Eric Snijder of the Department of Medical Microbiology about their work on the development of vaccines and antivirals, and to members of the EM section of the Department of Cell and Chemical Biology about their research on coronaviruses. Finally, she participated in a round table discussion with experts from the whole country.


At the EM section, Dr. Montse Bárcena and Ronald Limpens had the chance to illustrate the damage induced by the virus in infected cells. The ultrastructural information that EM provides helps to understand the replication of the virus and provides new leads for the development of virus inhibitors.






Photography: Patrick van Emst

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