Human iPSC-Derived Retinas Recapitulate the Fetal CRB1 CRB2 Complex Formation and Demonstrate that Photoreceptors and Müller Glia Are Targets of AAV5

Pete Quinn in the group of Jan Wijnholds (Dept. of Ophthalmology) at the LUMC is interested in the development of human retinal organoids from induced pluripotent stem cells that can be used to confirm the localization of proteins in retinal cell types and to test transduction and expression patterns of gene therapy vectors. The Koster-lab contributed to this paper by preparing high resolution stitches showing the  localization of immunolabeled CRB1 and CRB2 in photoreceptor cells and Muller glia cells  in first and second trimester human fetal retina and in retinal organoids. The data showed that the onset of CRB protein expression in human fetal retina is similar to that found in retinal organoids.

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