Iron accumulation in ALzheimers disease

Neuropathologically, subtypes of Alzheimer's disease showed different patterns of iron accumulation and cortical myelin changes independent of amyloid and tau that may be detected by high-field susceptibility-based MRI.

In a collaborative study between the departments of Radiology, Genetics, Molecular Cell Biology and Pathology a great paper is published that is important for the understanding of Alzheimer disease. Check out the paper!

Bulk M, Abdelmoula WM, Nabuurs RJA, van der Graaf LM, Mulders CWH, Mulder AA, Jost CR, Koster AJ, van Buchem MA, Natté R, Dijkstra J, van der Weerd L., "Postmortem MRI and histology demonstrate differential iron accumulation and cortical myelin organization in early- and late-onset Alzheimer's disease." (2018) Neurobiol Aging.62.

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