LUMC strategic fund awarded to Microtissue Imaging Core

The LUMC is realizing its strategic plan and the first groundbreaking projects receiving funds from the strategic fund are now known.

The Board of Directors of the LUMC created the fund to further improve care, education and research and to support colleagues in the workplace. All under the motto "innovative innovation". After a LUMC-wide invitation to submit proposals for initiatives that achieve these goals, the first application round of 2019 followed. This has since been completed and the Board of Directors, with the approval of the Supervisory Board, has selected eight very diverse projects that will receive one-off funds from the Strategic Fund. Among other things, attention was paid to how they contribute to the realization of our strategy, the robustness of the project plan and the necessity of deploying the Strategic Fund. A second application round will follow later this year.

One of the awarded projects is a collaboration between Cell and Chemical Biology, Nephrology, Anatomy, Embryology, Opthalmology called the "Microtissue imaging Core". By creating a dedicated facility for imaging microtissue, such as organoids, stem cell-derived structures and tissue biopsies with advanced electron microscopy techniques, technologies such to enable the imaging of relatively large microtissues at electron microscopy resolution are streamlined. It is aimed to develop and implement methodologies and infrastructure for state of the art high-throughput 3D imaging, visualization and quantification of organoids and tissue biopsies associated with regenerative medicine.


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