Protective gears donated from ShanghaiTech University transferred to Mobiele COVID-19 Post (MCP) of LUMC

Profs. Peter ten Dijke and Jacques Neefjes, on behalf of the Department of Cell and Chemical Biology (CCB), received a batch of protective gear donation from the executive director Ge Jiang, on behalf of the Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS), ShanghaiTech University. 

We appreciate the help of colleagues from ShanghaiTech University and hope our collaborations will be further strengthened. A delegation from CCB visited ShanghaiTech University last fall ( 

These protective gears have been transferred to the Mobiele COVID-19 Post (MCP) of LUMC at Cars Jeans Stadium of ADO Den Haag. They are now using them in their daily work. We really appreciate the great and hard work done by the colleagues at MCP, and hope they stay safe. Marlieke Jongsma and Diana van den Wollenberg from CCB are also working in the lab of MCP as volunteers. We thank their great contributions. 

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