Sjaak Neefjes wins Josephine Nefkens Prize 2019

Jacques Neefjes, Professor of Chemical Immunology and head of the Cell and Chemical department at Leiden University Medical Center received the Josephine Nefkens Prize 2019 on 8th November, presented by the mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb.

The Josephine Nefkens prize - EUR 100,000 - is awarded once every three years for outstanding cancer research. Jacques Neefjes receives the prize for his innovative and original contributions to this field. The prize money will be used to revive a previously abandoned chemotherapeutic agent named Aclarubicin.

Aclarubin was already used in the treatment of patients with acute leukemia in the 90s, however, it  was withdrawn from the market because it was not profitable for the pharmaceutical industry. Jacques Neefjes studies have demonstrated that Aclarubicin could be a far more effective treatment than currently used drugs and his aim is to reintroduce it into the clinic.

Interview  De Wereld Draait Door.Nov 7th 2019


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