Talos Arctica installed and officially accepted

The Technical Focus Area of Electron Microscopy has replaced its old Philips Tecnai 20 (1999) with the new TFS Talos Arctica.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered


The Talos Arctica was aquired from Thermo Fisher Scientific by combined funding from NEMI (Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure) and the LUMC. It has unattended data collection possibilities and has a high data through-put. It is equipped with a bioquantum energy filter and a Gatan K3 direct electron detector, which makes it a suitable instrument for low-dose cryo electron microscopy applications.

It is a cryo versatile transmission electron microscope that is suitable for protein 3D structure determination using single particle cryo-electron microscopy and three-dimensional reconstructions of e.g. parts of cells using cryo electron tomography. Also, the Talos will serve in the cryo-corrleative light and electron microscopy workflow and in the future will have fast tomography capabilities.

The groups of Meindert Lamers, Montse Barcena and Thom Sharp from CCB will make extensive use of the new in-house capabilities. 

Collaborate with us

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