Ing. Aat Mulder

Ing. Aat Mulder

Aat Mulder (1964) studied at the van Leeuwenhoek institute, Delft and became research technician (Ing.) in 1988. He started work at the Department of Dermatology at the LUMC (formerly AZL) in 1989 and was posted at the Department of Electron Microscopy from the start. He became experienced in microscopy, mainly in electron microscopy (TEM and immuno-EM and scanning electron microscopy). From 2008 up to 2012 he joined the group of Joke Bouwstra from LACDR, University of Leiden, and did mainly electron diffraction and transmission electron microscopy on lipids of the stratum corneum of the skin at the electron microscopy lab.

In 2014 he joined the section Electron Microscopy and is doing (service) projects for different groups within the LUMC, university and for outside parties. This work is mainly transmission electron microscopy, immuno-electron microscopy and correlative light and electron microscopy.

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