MSc Charlotte Melia

MSc Charlotte Melia

Charlotte Melia

Charlotte studied at the University of York, UK for a BSc in Biology (2007-2011), and an MSc in Bioscience Technology (2011-2012) working with Peter O’Toole (Imaging and Cytometry Lab). As part of her MSc she carried out a research placement at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute (LRI) with Banafshe Larijani (Cell Biophysics Lab) and Lucy Collinson (Electron Microscopy). Through studying the role of phospholipids in mammalian nuclear envelope morphology she further developed her interest in electron microscopy, and continued to work with Lucy for 6 months following completion of her MSc.

In March 2013 Charlotte began a PhD in the Koster lab, within the Virus Replication group at the LUMC. Her project was embedded in a collaboration with the group of Prof. Frank van Kuppeveld (Utrecht University) in the framework of a European Marie Curie Initial Training Network. Her research focus was the study of the replication organelles induced by picornaviruses using a variety of microscopy techniques, like live cell imaging, CLEM, tomography and SBF-SEM. Understanding the structure/function implications of these modified membranes in viral replication, and identifying the key host proteins involved, may lead to the development of novel anti-viral therapies.

Since January 2018, Charlotte moved to the group of Tanmay Bahrat in Oxford to work on bacterial biofilm formation.


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