Dylan P. Noone

Dylan P. Noone

Dylan P. Noone


Dylan Noone is a PhD student in the Sharp lab, a part of the Electron Microscopy section in the department of Cell and Chemical Biology. Dylan’s PhD project involves elucidating various protein complexes’ structures and mechanisms of action in the Complement System. He will use a range of techniques including cryo-Electron Microscopy, DNA origami and biochemical methods to achieve this.

Curriculum Vitae:

Dylan studied Biochemistry for his undergraduate degree at The University of Bristol (2017). This involved two major research projects. The first for Oxitec, a Oxfordshire based biotech company who specialised in the genetic modification of insects for pest control. The second, in the lab of Professor Ian Collinson at the University of Bristol, where he helped develop a novel optical assay for measuring the rate of protein import/export across membranes. Subsequently, he worked in Professor Ian Collinson’s lab where he applied this optical assay and other techniques into interrogating the mechanism of action of the TIM23 transporter in the Mitochondrion (2018).


  • PTX3 structure determination using a hybrid cryo electron microscopy and AlphaFold approach offers insights into ligand binding and complement activation

    Dylan P. Noone, Douwe J. Dijkstra, Teun T. van der Klugt, Peter A. van Veelen, Arnoud H. de Ru, Paul J. Hensbergen, Leendert A. Trouw, and Thomas H. Sharp

    PNAS 2022

  • Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Biochemical Analysis Offer Insights Into the Effects of Acidic pH, Such as Occur During Acidosis, on the Complement Binding Properties of C-Reactive Protein

    Dylan P. Noone, Tijn T. van der Velden and Thomas H. Sharp

    Frontiers in Immunology 2021

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