Dr. Roman Koning

Dr. Roman Koning

Assistant professor
Roman Koning

Roman Koning (Gorinchem, 1970) went to high school at the Gymnasium Camphusianum in Gorinchem, studied chemistry at University Utrecht and obtained his PhD degree in cryo electron crystallography of membrane proteins at the University of Groningen. He started working at the LUMC as a post-doc in 2000, setting up cryo electron microscopy and investigating the three-dimensional structures of viruses and ribosomes. In 2004 he was awarded a VENI grant (NWO). Roman Koning currently is working as a senior scientist.

After this he was working as a senior scientist on numerous projects covering a broad range of electron microscopy techniques, including cryo specimen preparation, cryo electron crystallography on membrane proteins, single particle microscopy, cryo electron microscopy, and subjects like liposomes, blood plasma, viruses, immune complexes, structure of bacterial and mammalian cells.

Currently, he works as assistant professor managing the electron microscopy core facility service, manging requests and integration and development of techniques for cryo-EM, SEM, AI and visualization.

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